The l atest news stories, blog postings, and books about Ratzinger

Many of these article showed up in the blog at one point or another, but the important ones are collected here to act as a primmer, so you can follow all the important events.

Cardinal Ratzinger: The Vatican's Enforcer of the Faith
a book by John L. Allen, Jr.

Review by According to biographer John L. Allen Jr., Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is a rigid totalitarian who "sold his soul for power." Allen portrays Pope John Paul II's right-hand man as committed to a rule-bound, abstract notion of Christianity who has spent 20 years in Rome providing theological cover for capitalists who exploit the poor, bigots who oppress women and gays, and zealots who make war in the name of God.

Sounds like our kind of book! (Buy it on

Pope Panders to the media
Need proof of the media's not-so-hidden agenda to push forward Ratzinger's attempt to pounce on papal power? Look no further than this shoddy excuse for "journalism," which appeared on Here's a choice quote:
It was a smart move by the Vatican. Pilgrims, being less cynical than hardened journalists, could be relied on to cheer and clap in the right places.

In fact, the papal minders need not have worried. The journalists were neatly attired for the occasion, with male correspondents wearing suits and ties.

And when the pope walked in, everyone stood and applauded, in many cases with real enthusiasm.
Having been shown due respect, Benedict XVI seemed prepared to forgive us for all those reports saying how many Catholics were alarmed by his election.
The gall of these people makes me sick. Read the whole travesty of an article here.