That's right. Here at we do not have a pope. We have a sham of a man, masquerading as pope. Take a look around, and you'll find that there's more to this fellow than the Pro-Rat media would lead you to believe. Dig deep enough and you'll find all kinds of horrible things Ratzinger has done, and has failed to do. Also, he looks evil. Really evil.

We are just so darn mad that this Rat has been able to claw his way up out of the sewer and steal the papal election. We demand that he step down from the papacy, and that the College of Cardinals excommunicate him.

Email the Vatican,
and urge them to excommunicate Ratzinger

Exposing the truth about Ratzinger, looking at the facts the "media" overlooks.

A step-by-step guide to moving out of Catholicism and into Protestantism.

Read the latest stories about "Pope" Bennedict XVI's escapades.

My nephew Tyrone needs a nice girl
May 9, 2005 | by wanda
My nephew Tyrone is a good kid. He's 23 years old and owns his own nail salon, and ladies, he's a sharp dresser too. He's just so caught up with his business and his friends, he needs a nice, respectable girlfriend. [more]

People Should Ask God to Clean Up Our Gay Crime-Ridden Streets
May 8, 2005 | by Karl-Joseph
Our so-called "Pope" has already pointed out that homosexuality is evil; I think it's high time he made good on that. There's evil to be eradicated, Joey! We need a Homo-caust and we need it now! [more]

Why isn't pope a relativist
May 2, 2005 | by horatio
I fully expected this ‘so called’ newly elected pope to share my relativist view. This does not seem an irrational desire, EVERY POPE IN HISTORY HAS BEEN A RELATIVIST. This all changed with the election of the indisputably worst pope in the history of the Catholic Church. [more]